Friday, September 17, 2010

King Tut Exhibition

This past Sunday my husband, Son and I Went to  Discovery Times Square to see the King Tut exhibit. I was amazed by the beauty of many of the artifacts shown in the exhibition, and of course, more the jewelry than anything else. As a Jewelry Designer, I am often mesmerized by intricate, delicate, and elaborate jewelry pieces. The jewelry shown at the New York King Tut exhibition, (Like the one shown in the picture) is not only full of history. The beauty and the details that these one of a kind pieces made for a king show, are worthy of anybody taking a second look. Gold, Semi precious stones such as Lapis Lazuli, and Silver are among the materials used in many of the jewelry pieces displayed in the exhibition. If you live in New York or are planning a trip by January 2nd, do attend this wonderful exhibition, as you may never have another chance of seeing it again.

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